How to send an Email in Laravel

How to send an Email in Laravel Hi ! Today we are going to learn how to send an email in laravel. Laravel is most widely used php framework. We will explore mail API of laravel and learn that how can we use laravel to send beautifully designed html emails. This tutorial can be extended

Zip Code & Delivery Availability Checker In Magento 2

 Zip Code & Delivery Availability Checker In Magento 2 extension developed by Codeinnoverse  you could let your customers check in advance, whether a product could be delivered at their desired location, or not. This would not just save both parties ( seller and  customer) from unnecessarily getting through a pointless transaction process, but would also

Fifa World Cup 2018 Giveaways

Fifa World Cup 2018 Giveaways By CodeInnovers We at codeinnovers , are a great fan of Football and We are celebrating the Football world-cup. Are you a football fan ??? Yes !!! Let’s celebrate it together… CodeInnovers is offering Fifa World Cup 2018 Giveaways worth hundreds of dollars for free. All you need is tell

Login As Customer For Magento-2

Login As Customer -An extension for Magento2 There are some cases when customer is facing issues in checkout , or some specific issues in account section or on checkout page. As these pages are account related and not same for all customers. So we need access to accounts to help your customers. However customers do

Order SMS Notification Magento-2

Order SMS Notification Magento-2 Extension by CodeInnovers For many businesses, email is the obvious option; it is cheap, everyone else does it and all of your customers have an email address. But that is exactly the problem as everyone uses email. Most of the communications done via email gets buried meaning that you have no