Customer Mobile Login Extension Bagisto

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Mobile Login Extension for Bagisto lets store customers log in to the account using customer’s verified mobile number. Mobile Login Extension for Bagisto also can be used to verify the mobile number of user at the time of registration and at the time when the user is changing the mobile number from My Account.

  • Admin can enable & disable the module.
  • Customer registering on the website has to verify their mobile number before registration.

User Guide

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Mobile devices and mobile numbers are very important and common in day to day life. In 2020, the number of smartphone users is expected to be around 5 Billion as per the research by Statista. Non-technical users remember the mobile phone easily and are not much familiar using email addresses. Using mobile numbers over email is more convenient as users may have multiple email IDs and they can not figure which email ID was used to register. Hence using mobile numbers for common actions on eCommerce website is a great step towards preparing your website easy to use for non-technical users. To facilitate the use of mobile number over the email address in-store, Customer Mobile Login Extension for Bagisto can be used to let users login, register and reset the password using registered mobile number. Also this extension can be used to avoid fake users by putting a verification of mobile numbers using verification code. So at the time of verification, all users are verified using their mobile number. One mobile number can be associated with only one mobile number.

Bagisto Customer Mobile Login extension features in details:

  • Admin can enable or disable extension from backend
  • Admin can configure the SMS Template for SMS sent for verification code
  • Users registering on the website has to verify their mobile number before registration
  • Users which are registered already, will have to verify their mobile number after installing extension. Admin can enable or disable this from backend setting
  • integrated with Spring Edge SMS API, Jawalbsms API & msg91 SMS API & Twilio SMS API & Textlocal SMS API. If you are using any custom API, that is not configured by default with the extension, do connect with us and we will do the integration free of cost.
  • Users has to verify their mobile number when changing a mobile number from My Accounts
  • With one moblie number only one account can be created
  • Users can use their verified mobile number to login and reset their forgotten password. Link for resetting password is recieved on email
  • Customer Mobile Login extension for Bagisto is highly customizable and in non-encrypted . Contact Us and we will do it at reasonable cost.
  • So CodeInnover’s Customer Mobile Login extension for Bagisto will give your customers a great experience and will result into increased user easiness of for your visitors. What are you waiting for ??? Get it now and give your customers a unique experience…!!

Change Log:

Version 1.4.0 – 19th April 2022

  • Compatible with v1.4.0
  • Minor Fixes.

Version 1.4.2 – 26th May 2022

  • Compatible with v1.4.2
  • Fixed issues conflict.
  • Vue component for phone number field on registration.
  • Minor Fixes.