Auto Cancel Order In Bagisto

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Auto Cancel Order in Bagisto allows automatically canceling the orders from the backend with the specified conditions which will be a combination of Payment method, order date and order status. The extension allows all pending and pending payment orders to automatically cancel after a specific period of time.

  • The extension allows the admin to easily set up an automated cancellation date.
  • Automatically cancel the orders.
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Auto Cancel Order in Bagisto allows to auto-cancel the abandoned orders. Admin can define the criteria for auto cancellation using the specified order statuses, payment methods and a specific date after which orders will be cancelled and helps in order management. The extension allows the admin to easily set up automated cancellation time. This is a very helpful feature to help the admin cut down the time wasting on canceling orders manually.

  • Admin can enable or disable extension.
  • Save the time and effort of manually canceling an order.
  • Automatically cancel the orders matching the criteria
  • The Admin can set a specific date for order cancellation.
  • Set Auto-cancel Order for a Specific Date Range Or Time.
  • 6 months free support for extension
  • Automatically cancel the orders with the specified order statuses.
  • Automatically cancel the orders based on order status.
  • You can also select order statuses to apply for auto-cancel orders.
  • Easy order management


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