Magento Customer Login By Mobile Number

Magento Customer Account Management By Mobile Number

These days mobile phone is being very important part of our life and so does mobile number. Being such an important part of our life why do we need to depend on email to manage our accounts on Magento sites ? Why can’t we use our mobile number to manage our account ?? Most of the sites and e-commerce giants like flipkart and amazon allows their customers to login to their account just by using their mobile number. Yeah !!! no need to use email ids. Just enter your phone number and bingo !!! You can access your account

Magento  is world wide used and one of the best  e commerce CMS, lacks this feature. Magento does not allows the customers to login , register and reset password using their verified mobile phone number , so we at came up with an idea to provide this feature to magento out of box.

With CodeInnover’s Customer Mobile Number Login extension for magento-1 , store admin has the ability to allow their customer’s to register on their website using their mobile number , login to their account and reset password in case they forget the password.

At the time of registration , customers have to provide a mobile number , and after that the mobile number has to be verified. A verification code is sent to entered mobile number and customer has to enter that code to verify it.

Magento Store Admin can decide whether customers can navigate to website whether verifying their phone number.

Detailed Features of CodeInnover’s customer mobile number login are:

  • Account Registration By Mobile Number

    Customers provide phone number at the time of registration will be used for their account management.

  • Navigation through website:

    Customers can not navigate through the website until they have verified their phone number. Store Admin can change this setting from admin panel

  • Changing Mobile Number:

    Customers can change their mobile number or get the OTP again in case of wrong number entered

    Customers can change their mobile number even after verifying one number. They will have to verify the new number in case mobile number is changed

    One Number can be associated with only once user. No two users can have the same mobile number

  • Login By Mobile Number:

    Customers can login to their account without using email address. Customers just need to enter their verified mobile number and their password. And they can login to their account.

  • Reset Password By Mobile Number:

    Customers can reset password without the need of using their email address. Your customers just need to enter phone number and a verification code is sent . After the code is received customers can enter the code and new password and set it. Customers will be able to login using using thew newly created password.

  • Compatible With Most SMS API’s

    Customer account management extension needs the SMS API credentials for sending SMS for verification codes. Login by mobile number  extension is compatible with way2sms API which is free of cost almost with some restrictions and spring edge SMS API. In case you want to use any other SMS API dont worry we will make it work with that SMS API. Contact us and we will get it done for you.

Along with above features We will be providing following complementary features:

  • Quality Assured:

    We have tested the extension and its perfectly awesome. And our extension comes with 6 months free support. So why to worry , we got your back.

  • Free Support for 6 months:

Customer Account Management for Magento-1 comes free instant support for 6 months.

  • No Changes In Core Files:

    Doing changes in core files seems to be time saving , but core files should never be touched. Investing time in rewriting files is good investment. Magento releases security patches and updates time to time. Magento updates should be installed to keep your store safe  and if core files are changed, upgrade will cause your changes to be lost. And We hate making changes in core files. So No Changes In Magento Core Files.

  • Free Expert Installation:

    Purchase the module and leave the rest on us. We  provide the expert installation of the purchased extension free of cost. You don’t have to spend even a single penny separately for installation !!!

  • Highly Customizable:

    Customer Account Management extension for magento 1 is highly customizable. Contact Us and we will do it at reasonable cost.

So CodeInnover’s  Customer account Management for Magento-1 will give your customers a great experience and will result into increased user easiness of for your visitors. What are you waiting for ??? Get it now and give your customers a unique experience…!!

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