Ship Rocket Shipping Bagisto Extension

Ship Rocket Shipping Bagisto Extension

Ship Rocket is one of the leading shipping solution providers in India, where they are processing lakhs of shipments daily. While Bagisto is one of the emerging and leading e-Commerce framework based on the latest technologies like laravel and vue js. Processing thousands of orders is a bit hectic task for store owners and it’s time-consuming. To overcome the issue, We at CodeInnovers came up with the integration between these two platforms. Ship rocket shipping bagisto extension integrates Ship Rocket API with Bagisto and with this extension installed, the admin can process any number of orders from bagisto and push them to ship rocket without any extra effort.

Shiprocket Shipping Bagisto extension is built with the idea to reduce the effort required in processing the orders. This bagisto extension minimizes the delay in shipping the order. The idea behind the Ship rocket bagisto extension is to provide the powerful features of shiprocket in the bagisto admin. With this Ship rocket shipping, bagisto extension admin can create shipments with ship rocket. Admin can also print labels and generate manifest from bagisto admin panel.

Let us discuss the features of the extension in detail.

1- Admin can import all the created pickup points from Ship Rocket. Pickup points can be the address of any warehouse or any other place from where the courier can do the pickup. To import the pickup points do the following:

 Click on Configure Menu -> Pickup locations -> Click the sync button

2- Admin can create a shipment with any of the available service providers based on the pickup point and delivery address: 

 When the admin is processing the order, on the create shipment page there will be a section where the admin can choose the pickup point for the shipment and it will display the available shipping providers. This section shows the information like delivery cost, the number of days to deliver etc. Admin can choose the provider to generate the shipment with the selected provider. This process will also assign the AWB number.

3- Admin can print AWB label and manifest :

 Admin can print the AWB label and manifest that needs to be printed on the box. This label and manifest are generated with the ship rocket API and the link to download is available on the view shipment page. On the same screen, there is an option to track the shipment.

4- Ship rocket Shipping Method:

This extension adds a shipping method, where the admin can configure the shipping rates based on the weight. Admin can decide the shipping rates per 5 KG and the shipping fee for an additional half KG. The API details of ship rocket can be configured in the same configuration.

5- Restrict access with ACL 

This extension allows super admin to restrict the access of pickup locations based on admin roles so only allowed admins will have the access to synchronization button of pickup points.

6- Configuration of extension

Shiprocket Shipping Bagisto extension has a configuration where you need to provide the API details and sender information which is used in the sender information while raising a shipment with the ship rocket API.

These are the features available in the extension. In case of any queries or questions please feel free to contact us via website live chat or do contact us via contact us page , we will be more than happy to answer this. You may also connect with us if you need any customization in the extension or if you have any custom requirements. You may purchase the extension from our website Buy now 

With the extension apart from the features, we offer free support for bug fixes so in case of any issues you might connect with us anytime. Thank you for reading till last.