SMS notification extension Bagisto Multi Tenant

SMS notification extension Bagisto Multi Tenant

SMS notification extension Bagisto Multi Tenant is an add-on for multi tenant extension of Bagisto. This extension adds the feature of sending the SMS notifications to customers for various events. Multi tenant extension is a laravel extension which allows you to build your own SaaS based eCommerce platform. Multiple merchants can create their own eCommerce shop. This SMS notification extension allows the merchants to configure the extension and inform to the store customers for various updates of their orders. This extension supports notifying the customers on events like login, registration and order related events like order shipped, invoiced etc.

This SMS notification extension for Bagisto an addon to Bagisto SaaS module, in order to use this extension, Bagisto SaaS module should be installed first.

SMS are very common and one of the most engaging ways of communications and has the highest opening rate comparing to the emails. This extension also reduces the amount of queries received on the support asking about the order status. This might result into less load on support executives and less number of tickets.

SMS notification extension is available to download just after the order is processed which takes less than a few hours. Installation of extension is very easy and you may connect with the support in case of any issues. SMS notification extension for Bagisto multi tenant SaaS system is compatible with many SMS APIs by default. Sms Providers like msg91, twilio, spring edge and text local are integrated. For store owners in middle east, we have APIs like jawalbsms already configured. However if you need some API to be integrated which is not already integrated, please connect with us.

The features of extension are as following:

  • Customer and Admin both can be notified for the orders placed. Admin can be notified on the configured phone number of admin while customer can be notified on registered phone number, shipping address phone number or both. This is configurable and can be enabled or disabled for both admin and customer separately. The SMS template is configurable with pre-defined list of variables.
  • Similarly customer and admin can be notified for the shipment generation, invoice generation and order cancellation. Each of this event has its own dedicated SMS template which can be used to define the SMS content. Each of admin and customer has different SMS template for these events.
  • Admin is notified when there is new customer registration.
  • Customer is notified when there is any login for their account.
  • Customer is notified when there is password reset for the account. This SMS template is also configurable and content can be dynamically defined by store admin.

This is a multi tenant addon compatible with Bagisto multi tenant extension and hence every tenant can use different API details at any moment and can fill in their own API details.

Following are the detailed screenshots of the extension:

sms notification extension configuration

SMS notification extension bagisto multi tenant SaaS

multi tenant SaaS addon bagisto laravel extension

bagsito plugin sms notification SaaS multi tenant

SMS notification extension Bagisto Multi Tenant



This extension follows the best practices and in case of any issues please feel free to contact us. In case of issues related to the code, we offer free support.
Extension features also include:

  • Free support
  • Free updates
  • Multi language supports
  • Custom API integration

Please feel free to contact our support in case of any issue or you need any customization in the extension.

How to install SMS Notification extension:

1– copy the extension files to the path packages/Mega/c/src
Goto config/app.php file and add the following line under ‘providers’ array  Mega\SmsNotificationSaas\Providers\SmsNotificationSaasServiceProvider::class
Goto composer.json file in root directory of bagisto installation  and add the following line under ‘psr-4

“Mega\\SmsNotificationSaas\\”: “packages/Mega/SmsNotificationSaas”

4- Run below commands:

composer dump-autoload
php artisan migrate
php artisan route:cache
php artisan vendor:publish

If you’re facing any issue, please feel free to contact with the support. Extension is available to purchase on our website. Feel free to connect with us any time for discussion. Package will be available for download once the order is processed which takes normally a few hours. In case of urgent requirement, Please do connect with the support and we will be happy to assist !