How to hire a shopify virtual assistant and do you really need one?

How to hire a Shopify Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Shopify is one of the most widely used platforms to create an e-commerce store and sell online. Over time, as the store grows and you start to get a good number of sales and customers, it’s good to have someone who can manage your store. This is where Shopify virtual assistant comes into the picture. In this article, we will cover

  • What is a Shopify Virtual Assistant (VA)?
  • How to hire a Shopify Virtual Assistant (VA)?
  • How can CodeInnovers help hire a Shopify Virtual Assistant (VA)?

What is a Shopify Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A Shopify Virtual Assistant (VA) is a remote worker who manages your various tasks from a remote location. They are hired by many online businesses that do not have money to hire a full-time employee. A virtual assistant can have multiple clients from anywhere in the world.

A Shopify Virtual Assistant (VA) cannot build your complete website but can take up your small tasks, like doing research, creating products, managing orders, SEO, social media marketing, etc.

A Shopify virtual assistance can help to manage your store with the following tasks:

  • Product listing on Shopify store: Will list the products on your Shopify store.
  • Setting up apps and configuring them to be used on the Shopify store: Your  Shopify virtual assistant will install and configure any application from the Shopify marketplace that you plan to use on your store.
  • Customer service: Will offer customer service to your site visitors and customers and offer all types of support to answer their queries and issues.
  • Managing live chat: Shopify virtual assistant can manage the live chat integrated with your store and can serve your store visitors and answer all pre-sales queries.
  • Shopify theme setup: This will help to set up a Shopify theme for your store to give your store an elegant look.
  • Finding winning product: Finding a winning product to help increase the sales in your store can be a part of your Shopify virtual assistant day-to-day job including research for the same.
  • Order fulfillment: Your Shopify virtual assistant will fulfill and process the received orders on your store ensuring smooth and quick processing of orders without any delay.
  • Store management like bookkeeping, inventory management, product description, and product import: Your Shopify virtual assistant will manage your store with all bookkeeping tasks, report generation, importing products, filling an elegant and catchy product description for your products along with the other tasks required for managing store.
  • Research doing competitor research finding a winning product: Research for finding a winning product, competitor analysis may be a part of the day-to-day job of your Shopify virtual assistant.
  • Answering emails: Your Shopify virtual assistant will answer all your emails replying to customers, vendors, suppliers, etc ensuring a smooth communication process and making sure all emails are answered with a correct and proper response.
  • Social media management: Your social media can be managed by your virtual assistant and daily posts, replying to DMs and comments will be managed by your Shopify virtual assistant.
  • Report generation: Shopify assistant will generate reports from your store and help you analyze the trends, product, and sales-related reports to help you make decisions for your store based on report analysis.
  • Interacting with the developer to ensure smooth development and customization of store features: If there is any ongoing customization or development for your Shopify store, Shopify virtual assistant will communicate with the developer to make sure all the requirements are delivered as expected.
  • Email marketing: Shopify virtual assistant can manage your email marketing campaign.
  • Cold callings: Your Shopify virtual assistant can manage the cold callings of your potential customers helping you to get more sales and convert potential customers into customers.

How to hire a Shopify Virtual Assistant (VA)?

If you are struggling to manage your time to ensure the smooth working of your Shopify store, then yes, you need to hire a Shopify Virtual Assistant. Shopify assistants can help you to spend more time with your family and invest your time and efforts in anything more important than this.

Before hiring a Shopify Virtual Assistant you need to be careful about what types of tasks you need to be done by them. Follow the below steps to hire your first Virtual Assistant:

  • Document the process
  • Write the Job Description
  • Hire your Virtual Assistant

How can CodeInnovers help hire a Shopify Virtual Assistant (VA)?

We at CodeInnovers have Shopify experts, willing to work as a Shopify Virtual Assistant to manage your store tasks. To hire a VA you just need to contact us with your job requirements.

Why hire us?

  • Daily reports
  • Task management on Trello, Slack, etc
  • Smooth communication
  • Expert in Shopify with ears of experience
  • Work with limited access and permission
  • Ready to sign NDA
  • Availability in your working hours
  • Available on weekends if required
  • Try our services and continue if you like
  • Cancel services any time.
  • Still, have doubts or have queries? contact us via the contact us page. You may connect with us on skype, WhatsApp, or email. We will get back to you asap.

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