Domain and Webhost Management And Expiry Notification System By CodeInnovers

Your domain name is one of the most important parts of your web presence. It‘s your “address” on the internet, and points to your digital home base: your company website.A domain is similar. If someone wants to visit your website, that person will use your domain name to access it. Your domain name “points” to your website just as your physical address “points” to your office.

Most of the organizations now-a-days have multiple domain names which end up with .com, .org, .net etc. Are you tired of login to multiple accounts on multiple domain registrars to manage your domain ?? webhost and domain manager is developed with the idea of managing all domains from one application. This domain arranging system   helps to identify the expiring domains by showing notifications on dashboard.

With CodeInnover’s webhost and domain management system product built in laravel ,  admin has the ability to allow their user’s to register on their website , login to their account and add their multiple domains & ftp details.

At the time of registration , users have to provide a facility to manage their domain name and add multiple registrars to manage your domain , and after that identify the expiry domains by notification. Webhost and domain management system , both customer and admin have an interactive dashboard. A lot of information is provided on dashboard along with the notification of domain expiring in next 10 days.

webhost and domain management system is integrated with API to auto fill domain details when adding any domain in admin panel.Webhost and domain management has been tested and has passed all our quality programs . You can go for webhost and domain management system without thinking twice and we got your back.

Detailed Features of CodeInnover’s webhost and domain management system are:

.Separate Panel For User And Admin

Customers and admins have different panel and dashboard. Design of admin panel and customer panel differs a bit. These designs are highly customizable and responsive.

User management is the feature provided to admin. With this feature admin can view and manage all the users that are registered on website.Admin can edit and create users anytime from admin dashboard.In this feature user add their domain and ftp details and after get notification of expiry domain in few days.

.Domain Management

Users and Admin add domains and their corresponding FTP to system. Domain Management comes with the auto filling of domain details using API which can be purchased. This Auto-fill Functionality can be disabled in the admin.

.Server Management

Each domain is hosted on some server. Server Management helps to manage details of these servers and each server can be mapped with some domain at the time of creation of domain.Server records for your domain are stored, allowing you to decide which hosting providers controls your web-space and email.

.Provider Management

Provider or registrar management can be used to add details of domain registrar. Provider Management saves time to manage multiple providers and helps to manage login details of multiple domain registrars.Domain registration information is maintained by the domain name registries, which contract with domain registrars to provide registration services to the public.

.Expiry Domain Notification

With Webhost and domain Management system , you don’t have to check your email or login to different registrar accounts to check validity or expiry of your domain. You will get the expiring domain notifications right in your dashboard.

.Auto Filled Domain Details

Web host and domain management is integrated with jsonwhois API. Auto fill domain details is a feature introduced in webhost and domain management system which saves your from the pain of filling all details manually when creating new domain.

So CodeInnover’s  Webhost And Domain Management System  you can easily manage your domains, server and FTP details etc. What are you waiting for ??? Get it now and give your customers a unique experience…!!

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