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Login As Customer -An extension for Magento2

login as customer Magento2
Magento2 extension for login as customer

There are some cases when customer is facing issues in checkout , or some specific issues in account section or on checkout page. As these pages are account related and not same for all customers. So we need access to accounts to help your customers. However customers do not want to share login details like password with the support team. This is where Login as Customer Magento2 Extension which lets support team login to customer’s account to assist with the issue. With Login as Customer  Magento2 Extension admin can login to user’s account to help with account specific problem.


Login as Customer from Customer Grid:

This extension adds link to login to customer’s account straight from the customer grid.To login to customer account from admin panel go to customers grid and for every record a link is available to login

Login as Customer from Edit Customer Page:

Login as customer link is provided to in customer edit page. Clicking this link will let the admin login to account.

Login As Customer from Order View Page:

Login as customer link is provided when admin is viewing the order. Clicking the link will login to  customer’s account who has placed the order.

Login As Customer from Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo Page:

Login As customer link is available to admin when admin is on create invoice page, Shipment generation page or on credit memo generation page. Clicking the link will login admin to customer’s account for which order is getting processed.

Login Log

This feature is provided so that admin can check and keep track of login actions done by support team or by sub-admins. This feature stores the customer details whose account is being accessed and admin details who is logging in to customer’s account.

Restricted Access:

Access to login as customer button can be restricted by using the ACL and configuration options. Login as customer button can be removed for specific admin roles using ACL and configuration options provided in extension.

Login as Customer Comes with these Extra Features:

  • Free Support for 6Months
  • Life time updates
  • Open source and human readable Code
  • Un-Encrypted code
  • 24×7 Support
  • Support on Whatsapp, Skype, E-mail

This extension is a good to go if you want to win faith of your customers and grab a chance to convert your customers to loyal one and returning customers. This Extension is available to purchase at : CodeInnovers .

For any assistance feel free to connect with us.

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