Order SMS Notification Magento-2

Order SMS Notification Magento-2 Extension by CodeInnovers

Order SMS Notification Magento-2 Extension
Order SMS notification Magento2 Extension

For many businesses, email is the obvious option; it is cheap, everyone else does it and all of your customers have an email address. But that is exactly the problem as everyone uses email. Most of the communications done via email gets buried meaning that you have no customer service! Order SMS Notification Magento-2 Extension is developed to handle this case.

Order SMS Notification Extension for magento-2 is developed with the idea to notify store admin and store customers orders updates. Customers are informed about every update done in their orders and store admin is notified about every order that is processed by support team or admin team. Magento-2 order SMS notification for customer service is a great way to add customer value to E-commerce store as SMS is the perfect way to connect with the customers. With the growth of mobile commerce more of your delightful consumers are purchasing through their smartphones. Communicating with them through a method that is more smartphone friendly simply makes sense.

Magento-2 order sms notification extension sends SMS to customers for various events so customer knows the status of the order they have placed. Along with the updates of order processing, Magento-2 order SMS notification extension also sends SMS notification when a customer has registered account successfully.

Detailed Features of Magento-2 Order SMS Notification Extension by Codeinnovers are:

  • Compatible with Spring Edge SMS API:

    Order SMS Notification Magento-2 Extension comes compatible with Spring Edge SMS API. In case you are planning to use any other SMS API from some other SMS Gateway provider we will integrate it for you free of cost.

  • Extension is configurable from Backend:

    Extension is compatible from back-end i.e. admin panel and can be enabled/disabled from Admin Panel. There is well dedicated setting of the extension that can be used to enable /disable extension.

  • Customers are notified via SMS for following events:

    • Customer has registered successfully.
    • After a success log in to the customer account.
    • Order has been placed on store.
    • Invoice has been generated for the order
    • Shipment is generated for the order
    • when order is cancelled
    • Credit Memo is generated for an order
    • when order is marked as hold
    • Order is marked as unhold
    • when customer has changed the password successfully.
  • Customers Provide a mobile number at the time of registration that will be used for order notifications.

    Customers provide a mobile number in the registration form. This mobile number is used to send the SMS notification. Customers can change the mobile number anytime from my account section .

  • Admin can enter the mobile number in admin panel in extension configuration. SMS’s will be sent on the this number.

    Admin Panel has a setting in configuration where admin can enter the mobile number to receive SMS notification about order updates.

  • Store Admin¬† is notified via SMS for following events:

    • A new user registers on store.
    • New order has been placed on store.
    • When invoice has been generated for the order
    • Order hipment is generated.
    • when order is cancelled
    • Credit memo is generated for an order
    • when order is marked as hold
    • when order is marked as unhold
  • Send Bulk SMS

    Order SMS Notification Magento-2 Extension by CodeInnovers  has a feature that makes it stand apart from most of the extensions available in market. That Feature is bulk sms send feature. With this feature admin can enter the mobile number of customers. When there are multiple mobile numbers , they can be entered by separating each mobile number with a comma(,). Admin can enter customer text that is to be sent. This feature can be used when store admin wants to notify customers about some discount or sale going on.

  • Customizable SMS Template:

    SMS templates that are sent to customers and admin are configurable in admin panel. Their texts can be changed as per the requirement by store admins.

With this extension we are offering 5 Hours of free customization worth $100. These hours can be used in case you want to add some feature that is not in the extension or you want to customize some SMS templates.

Product is available to purchase at http://www.codeinnovers.com/magento2-order-sms-notification.html In case you need any assistance feel free to connect with us.

Other Features that are offered with this extension are:

Life time free updates

Free Installation

5 hours of free customization in this extension

Open Source Code

No Encryption

Don’t wait and get the extension now and keep your customers updated about every step of order processing and turn them into happy customers.




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